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Wine Vault Combination Lock

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  • As a Combination Lock - Wine and Liquor Liquid Bottle Locks Safeguard your wine and liquor at home
  • As a Preservation Device& Bottle Stopper - Leak-proof locking cap, preserve wine for another day with a snap on saver cork.(not air tight oh!)
  • As a Perfect Gift - Cool and useful gadget, your friends will love this little gift from you.
  • Great for preventing children, teens or roommates drinking your booze, Lock in your three-digit combination(keys free) and keep the contents in your bottle safe and secure. Also can be used as a bottle stopper and wine presever, multifuctional.
  • Fits most wine and beer bottles as well as some liquor bottles(but please refer to the dimensions first). Easy application(1 year guarantee and money back service)

Product description:


Wine and Liquor Liquid Bottle Locks Safeguard your wine and liquor at home. Attention: the diameter of the bottle mouth should be between 26mm to 28mm, or it won’t fit.


1. avoid your precious wine being stolen or drink by you kid .

2. keep the wine fresh(not air tight, can not be treated as a plastic wrap, so do not count on this to preserve your wine in the hot weather, oops!).


High Quality Black Plastic Red Wine Lock, can also be treated as a very special gift. This is a code or combination lock which can lock the mouth of the red wine bottle, makes the wine bottle nearly sealed, keep the red wine fresh in bottle. It can also prevent the red wine being stolen, drunk or switched. Red wine with this code lock will be very safe.


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