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Lightsaber LED Chopsticks

  • $ 16.99
  • Save $ 13

They're Lightsabers! They're Chopsticks!

These lightsaber chopsticks are 23cm in length and will change the way you experience your favorite Asian food! The time is now to grab these cool light-sticks and deftly maneuver your food with the power of the Force.

Go forth, brave Jedi Warriors, and use your lightsabers to mix just a little extra wasabi into your soy sauce. You can handle it. It is a known fact that eating sushi with chop sabers vastly strengthens your ability to ingest horseradish products. 

Whatever your personal sushi preference, it's better with our lightsaber chopsticks. 
Choose your side wisely and ready the way for a truly epic eating experience.

**Due to extremely high demand, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

**Save 5% More With Set Of "3 Colors(Red, Blue, Green)" - With This Offer, You Only Pay For 1 Shipping Instead Of 3(Total Savings Of 20%)

**Save 10% More With "All 7 Color" - With This Offer, You Only Pay For 1 Shipping Instead of 7(Total Savings Of 30%) <-- Best Value

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