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LCD Writing/Drawing Tablet(12 Inch)

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Large Writing/Drawing Tablet For Your Business, Message Board, Kids/Adults Drawing And More!
12 INCH LARGE SCREENWRITING TABLET: Try this 12 Inch large screen LCD writing tablet, it won't confine you any longer, enjoy your more enjoyable experience using a writing tablet.

MULTIPLE FUNCTION WRITING TABLET WITH LOCK: Want to keep a record for a drawing form your kid? Want to keep the steps to figure out a math question? Using the lock function, you won't lose your drawing on the writing tablet anymore.

FEELS LIKE PEN AND PAPER: Imagine writing with pencil, ink, or pen...all while saving trees on a reusable, portable, paperless device that never needs to charge or plug-in! Take it everywhere with you, feeling like using a pen and paper.

ONE BUTTON TO ERASE: You can keep the drawings or images stay as long as you need them and you can also erase them easily with the touch of a button. Create again and again, without the need to charge or connect.

MESSAGE BOARD: Leave messages for your business partners or your loved ones easily with this Writing/Drawing Tablet.
    Package Includes:
    1x LCD Writing Board
    1x Writing Stylus

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